Our Story

ve-lo-che, \ vā-ˈlō-(ˌ)chā \
Derived from the latin word velox, meaning quick, speedy and rapid in Italian, Veloce
is inspired by two complex arenas: motorsports and handcrafted luggage. By
merging these two worlds deeply rooted in innovation and craftsmanship, Veloce delivers
high-end Italian made leather goods to motorsports professionals and enthusiasts
alike.  Each piece serves to satisfy its wearer in both functionally and aesthetics.
Whether you are seeking a personal adventure on the race-track or traveling across
the globe, Veloce’s exquisite quality is sure to get you where you need to be in the
highest style and comfort.

The Designer
Design has been etched into Joe Ponce’s blueprint from the very beginning.  He
has turned his young love of creation and art into a life-long career of developing
high-quality and unique lifestyle products that each tell a personal story.  His
career has evolved from designing high-performance cars, such as the Corvette
C5 and 1999 Deville DTS, into working with notable celebrities such as Gwen
Stefani, the Kardashians, Rihanna, Pink, and Fergie to deliver truly one-of-a-kind
fashion.  By blending his visionary designs and innovative engineering, he has
utilized his skills to reach a variety of markets and clientele with his full service
consultancy, Ponce International Incorporated.

Now with the culmination of his passions and experiences as a designer, Mr.
Ponce has created a perfect union between high-performance vehicles and
luxury fashion with Veloce.  By using Italy’s finest leathers, suede’s and
nubucks available, Veloce’s products all have Mr. Ponce’s recognizable design
style, acute attention to detail, and high-touch quality to ensure they will age
beautifully and increase in value for generations to come.

The late Strother McMinn, Art Center professor and automotive guru once said of
Ponce’s designs: “Outwardly they seem simple, yet when looking deeper you
discover a sublime sophistication that is not easy to duplicate”.  He also referred
to Ponce’s execution as “Pure Jewelery!”